Problem with OkPay wire transfer

I like OkPay and use it  a long time,  never before have I had no problems with this system,  but recently there was a trouble…

I am waiting since December 5, remittance sent from my personal bank account, which contains my name, my account was verified OkPay a long time, what kind of additional verification question, I sent the documents confirming the transaction and still waiting for an answer. I trying type support ticket, trying call  +44 20 8123 2193 , but there is an answering machine.  I write posts on their forum, but they are removed,  I have no other choice but to write about the problem here and warn other users.

Several similar stories from the forum, which may soon be removed  OkPay support :

Jye.Y.T. Why is my money frozen for so long, with no answer from support?

About a week ago, I wired US$1k to my account just to test the waters with OKPay.
Fine. That showed up pretty quickly (3 days). But it was frozen; bank verification document needed, so I uploaded it to the support ticket.
And then waiting… Waiting… Waiting… Now it’s almost be a week, no answer nothing.
Any answers? If the process is going to be this nightmarish each time, I think OKPay is not a good solution at all.

WAI.H.C. Same here, I posted a similar thread last Friday but got deleted already. 
Don’t understand why they have time to delete our threads but no time to handle our requests and release the funds. 
To be honest, I think all our funds will never be released…

Stephen.T I deposited ?800 on 21 November (after it taking two weeks for OKPay to verify my account). I am still waiting for the funds to come through. OKPay have answered my queries but only to say that they have a heavy workload. They haven’t deleted the thread but this is still very poor.

julio.s Hey dude, did u have any answer from them?? i did my wire transfer on the 26 of November. OKPAY received the money the same day and they still held my deposit for none a valid reason…i dont know what else i can do…….bloody bastards…

Jye.Y.T. Actually, this thread caught their attention. Here’s what happened:

– 2 weeks ago, I submitted verification
– 1 day later, I was verified (yay, good)
– Then I immediately wired US$1k
– 3 days later it arrived (good! but uh-oh, it got frozen)
– They asked for a bank letter to verify that I indeed wired that money (what?)
– OK, so I go to my bank and produce a statement, and uploaded it (1 day later)
– Waiting, waiting, wainting… (1 week or so)
– Open this thread (yesterday)
– They respond to my ticket finally (“Can you please upload further verification of you holding up your wallet ID in a piece of paper and your passport?”)
– MY GOD, fine, I cooperate and do it too. Now I’m waiting again.

TSANG.C Fund not arrived after 7 working days!!!

I got similar problem, I made my deposit on 29 Nov, and I saw my bank deducted my balance on 2 Dec. Now already 7 working days I didn’t saw my wallet credited. I raised a ticket on 7 Dec but got only one message from OKPAY saying they are busy its on the queue. I want to check an update but the system prompt it might re-queue my ticket so what can I do to check? It is my first deposit I really want OKPAY to check this for me! 

Can OKPAY supporting team help?

Simandan.G I see that has changed the deadline for receipt of money:

“Q: When I will receive my wire transfer?

A: It can take up to 3-7 business days to receive international wire transfer. “

But I sent the money now 11 business days, and I have received only one response that will be verified, but … nothing. In vain are we talking about here, that our messages will be deleted quickly. I do not know why there forum if we are not allowed to talk. But if support would answer our questions we would not be here
Unfortunately this type of behavior they will lose many customers 

Matthew.L Why hasn’t my wire transfer gone through? 

Hi there, I sent a bank wire transfer on Wednesday November 27th, 2013 and I have yet to receive the payment. I sent a wire transfer of $600 on the 26th and received it on December 2nd. How long will it take for me to receive my second wire transfer of $2400? Till this date, it has been 10 BUSINESS days since I sent my transfer. I also opened two tickets regarding this dilemma and have yet to respond. It has been 5 days since my first ticket created. Thanks.

chee.c.w.  I have this bad experience too. Trying to make a wiretransfer withdrawal 2 weeks ago and the withdrawal was cancelled due to some documents needs to be verified again. Hence, I sent in the requested document and waited for 1 week and still no response from OKpay. Support ticket raise but still no response. Please advice if you see this.

Simandan.G  I expect from 23 November and … nothing, so you still have to wait. I write fast until they will not erase message

WAI.H.C. Same here, I posted a similar thread last Friday but got deleted already. 
Don’t understand why they have time to delete our threads but no time to handle our requests and release the funds. 
To be honest, I think all our funds will never be released...

What do you think about this? Write comments.

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  • admin

    just now OkPay unfroze my money !!! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! It took 7 days ( 5 dec – 12 dec ).

  • Mike

    I wired them one trasfer, it took 4 days to get credited to their and bank account and then to my one. But money was put on hold for some period, seems to me it was a couple of days. I wrote them and asked what’s going on. They reply to me the same day and explained that they need to get a conformation, the same day money has been released. so in my opinion they are good.

  • Akhmed Haram

    had the same problem but the funds has been released after a short conversation with support service.

  • Hounted

    Once i had the same thing with OKPAY, my transaction was on hold for 1 business day. I call support and they told me its ok, it is just a prevention of scam. Nice girls on support, no negative experience, still working with OKPAY

  • BuddyBolan

    okpay seems very attractive to me. As a freelancer, I see a lot of opportunities in partnership with okpay. But they told me they are not going to work with the U.S. citizens in the nearest future =(

    • Zubizarreta

      No wallet system works with US citizens, only US banks. US laws prohibit it